Nude Photos Taken Of Ex-Hospital Worker During Surgery, Lawsuit Claims

Nude Photos Taken Of Ex-Hospital Worker During Surgery, Lawsuit Claims

Woman has sued the healing center where she once worked over naked photographs taken of her while she was on the working table.

Sheila Harosky sued Washington Hospital, its CEO and the specialist playing out her surgery. She affirms attack of protection and medicinal negligence, among different cases in the claim documented Dec. 12.

The 45-year-old said she found the photographs when she came back to work after an incisional hernia surgery in September 2016. Harosky told the Tribune-Review a partner moved toward her with the photographs on her cellphone saying, “I have something for your scrapbook.”

The healing facility guarantees the photographs were an augmentation of a down to earth joke Harosky took an interest in by putting counterfeit digestive organs on her body before the surgery.

While she conceded playing a joke on her specialist, Harosky said she didn’t give authorization for the photographs to be taken.

The doctor’s facility said it let go the medical attendant who took the photographs and never again enables the specialist to perform surgeries. Be that as it may, Harosky, who filled in as a working room secretary, said in her claim she was subjected to badgering from different representatives.

Harosky took an expanded time away as prescribed by her specialist. She told the Tribune-Review she was let go once her leave finished in October.

The clinic said it “managed facilities” for Harosky’s arrival, yet she rejected the housing.

Both Harosky and her legal counselor guarantee the clinic treated her like the transgressor rather than the casualty. It is misty what harms she is looking for.


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