Kim Kardashian Is Now Seeking a Pardon for Convicted Felon Chris Young, With Help From Jared Kushner


Kim Kardashian’s political vocation didn’t end with 63-year-old Alice Marie Johnson, who she liberated from life in jail for a peaceful medication offense — she’s just beginning. The unscripted television star has now directed her concentration toward another indicted criminal, 30-year-old Chris Young, who was condemned to life in jail for cannabis and cocaine ownership in the wake of being captured in 2010.

Kardashian has been building a case for Donald Trump to consider — as he conceded mercy to Johnson — with assistance from the president’s child in-law, Jared Kushner. The mother of three uncovered her attention on Jason Flom’s “Wrongful Conviction” webcast, per Page Six, saying that Kushner is additionally “energetic” about changing condemning laws.




“Recently, I had a call with a man of honor that is in jail for a medication case — got life,” she says on the web recording. “It’s so unreasonable. He’s 30 years of age. He’s been in for very nearly 10 years.” She has additionally called the judge who condemned him, previous Tennessee Judge Kevin Sharp, who surrendered quickly after Young’s case due to how uncalled for the judge thought Young’s condemning was. “I was on the telephone with the judge that condemned him to life,” she says, “who surrendered in light of the fact that he had never been in favor of doing something so uncalled for, and now he is battling [alongside] us to get [Young] out.”

Unmistakably Kardashian is one of not very many who have Trump’s ear. (Reality stars, they simply get each other.) While it’s excellent that capacity to free casualties of the criminal equity framework, she could be affecting a great deal more change by utilizing her stage to make positive change for whole networks as opposed to simply people. Maybe she could push Trump towards discovering answers for environmental change, police fierceness and efficient bigotry, the vanishing insurance of ladies’ rights and Roe v. Swim (which Trump has discussed upsetting on the off chance that he could change the statistic of the Supreme Court), movement, pay imbalance exacerbated by Trump’s duty plan, and medicinal services. Obviously, those are only a couple of proposals.

Furthermore, perhaps Kardashian is working her way up to that. She as of late glamorized her gathering with Trump on Kimmel, saying, she was “awed by the Oval Office.” “The primary thing I say in our gathering, I say, ‘Blessed s—we’re in the f—ing Oval Office,'” she reviewed. “That is the thing that I said to him. That was the main thing I said. What’s more, I needed to pause for a minute to resemble pause, we’re extremely here… I had no clue what’s in store going in there and I resembled, ‘Look, I will be centered.'” Hopefully that center will in the long run incorporate a portion of the issues above.


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