HQ Trivia Is The Addictive App That’s Got Thousands Hooked

HQ trivia

If you’re similar to most Americans with a phone and wifi access amid the day, the accompanying situation won’t be troublesome for you to envision: It’s relatively mid-evening, your day by day apathy has completely set in, and afterward your telephone hums with the main notice that issues—it’s 3 p.m., time to play HQ Trivia.

For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea, HQ Trivia is a live portable question and answer contest that has surprised the country throughout the most recent couple of months. Made by the authors of Vine (RIP), the question and answer contest has turned out to be so addictive it evokes an about Pavlovian reaction at whatever point its portable warning and ensuing commencement starts. The protest of the amusement is basic: Players are given 10 seconds to answer each numerous decision random data question, and on the off chance that you answer 12 back to back inquiries effectively, you can win a money related prize—commonly in the $1,500 to $2,000 territory, yet incidentally up to $10,000 per diversion.


hq trivia

The inquiries, which are made by a group of essayists, turn out to be progressively troublesome with each new round, driving players to delight in what winds up being a distressing yet gladdening 15 minutes. With up to one million clients bouncing in the amusement toward the starting, the rest of the victors split the money—and obviously the gloating rights. While it is vague where precisely the HQ Trivia cash originates from, the addictive idea of the diversion may come from the way that there’s no hazard engaged with playing, and beside joining with an exceptional profile on the application, it costs practically nothing to possibly win enormous.


About as charming as the amusement itself is its host, Scott Rogowsky. The bubbly entertainer has transformed into a faction web-based social networking hotshot, and, indeed, he exists outside of our telephones—Rogowsky even showed up this year on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. Rogowsky alludes to himself as the “Trap Trebek” when he flies up on your telephone’s screen each weekday at 3 p.m. furthermore, 9 p.m. (furthermore, exactly at 9 p.m. on the ends of the week) to administer a standout amongst the most addictive question and answer contests to have been concocted in the most recent decade. With the periodic visitor have like Jimmy Kimmel filling in, you may ponder where Rogowsky has been while the random data indicate went on this previous week. Calling from CES—a worldwide innovation gathering in Las Vegas—the self declared “Test Zaddy” strolled me as the day progressed to-day media consume less calories, what he does when he’s not inside your cell phone screen facilitating HQ, and assesses his own particular HQ Trivia ability—or scarcity in that department.


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